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Calendar list of ScheduledReverse Mortgage Seminars 

January 15th, the Senior Women Calendar will host a seminar at Fortress Towers, Chester, South Carolina. It would feature 4 speakers and estimated attendance is 220 women. 

January 29th, seminar will host 5 speakers including an interactive question and answer segment. The venue is the Super 8 Hotel, Miami, Oklahoma.  

February 28th. The Lagoon Point, Bedford, Pennsylvania will host a seminar that would feature 4 speakers, including Mrs. Hopkins from the Female Mortgage Practitioners Organization.  

March 10th, seminar will be at the conference hall of The Dawn, Bells Tennessee. It would feature 5 speakers. 

On March 27th, a seminar sponsored by the Association of Female Mortgage experts will be held at Peak Towers, Bensley, Virginia.  

April 6th. 5 speakers will speak in a seminar at the Hilton Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio.  

April 19th is the scheduled date for the reverse mortgage seminar at Knights Hotel, Fairmont, West Virginia  

May 11th. The seminar will be held at the grounds of the Sheraton, Dayton, Wyoming. All the speakers will be from Senior Women’s Calendar. 

June 3rd. 4 speakers will speak in the reverse mortgage seminar to be held in the Rounds Hotel, Orlando, Florida.  

July 3rd. Two speakers from the Senior Women’s Calendar and two from the Association of Female Mortgage Practitioners will feature in a seminar at Denton, Texas. 

July 24th. The seminar will feature 5 speakers and the venue is Tropical Gardens, Greenwood, Missouri.  

August 15th, 5 speakers featured in a seminar held at the royal Crown Hotel, Albany, NY. 

September 5th. The seminar will be held in Hotel Bravia, and will feature 4 speakers at Tetonia, Idaho. 

The September 24th seminar will feature 5 speakers and will be held at the Dove Place, Estes Park, Colorado.  

The October 3rd seminar will feature  4 speakers and will be held at Plainfield, New Jersey. A specific location will be announced soon 

October 17th. Four speakers will speak at the seminar with two coming from Senior Women Calendar. The venue is Happy Place, Grafton, North Dakota. 

The November 4th seminar will be hosted in Brooks, Kentucky, and will feature 6 speakers. 

November 15th. Seminar will be at the Lambs Resort, Lewistown, Montana and will feature 4 speakers. 

The December 6th seminar will have 5 speakers and will be at BloomField Hotel, Roswell, New Mexico. 

December 19th seminar will be held at the BayShore Resort, Traverse City, Michigan. 6 speakers are expected to feature on that date. 


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