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Welcome to the official website for the Senior Women’s Calendar. We pride ourselves as prime educators and consultants on reverse mortgage loan information. Established about two years ago we have a mission to impart much needed reverse mortgage knowledge to the Senior Women citizens of the United States. 

Our modus of operations has been to organize seminars in various cities of the United States. Our operation is not limited to a particular city or state as we travel from coast to coast within US disseminating reverse mortgage knowledge to female seminar participants. Our aim remains to equip women with enough information that would help them make sound reverse mortgage decisions. Our seminars are mainly sponsored by organizations in the reverse mortgage industry who receive exposure in our events.  

Reverse mortgage is a unique type of mortgage that is designed for senior citizens above 62 years. The loan is accessible by those who not only meet the age criteria but also own and reside in their house. The house is then used to secure a reverse mortgage loan. The loan is not repayable until the house is sold or the beneficiary moves out of it. The amount obtainable is mainly dependant on the house value and the age of the applicant although there are other factors considered. With a reverse mortgage loan an older retired citizen can live their retirement years in relatively comfort.  

HECM reverse home loans are not accessible by women alone, but the Senior Women’s Calendar is dedicated to working with women alone, widows, retirees and every woman that is interested. Please feel free to check our reverse mortgage recollection pages where we highlight events at some past seminars. For a full list of our upcoming scheduled seminars please visit the Seminar Calendar page. If you would like us to host a seminar in your city please contact us. If your organization is related to reverse mortgage and you would like to sponsor a seminar, please contact us.


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